Cryptocurrency: PAX and stable coin markets

Before entering the field of cryptocurrencies, Charles ploughed into financial services, worked in Goldman Sachs and the Bank of America Securities Division and had many years of investment experience, creating his own asset management and venture companies, With years of experience and a keen sense of smell, he naturally did not let go of the blockchain, a technology of great potential. “In 2010 I learned about Bitcoin and I didn’t think much about whether Bitcoin would succeed, but I’m pretty sure blockchain technology has a promising future.

” Golden Finance: “In your opinion, what is the core value and significance of the stable coin?”

” Charles: “In trading we will always see one side receive the currency, the other side receives the assets, whether it is buying and selling real estate or Bitcoin, with the United States as an example, funds only 5 days a week, from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock in the evening in the banking system flow, on the other hand, the stable coin is the bridge between the French currency world and the digital currency world, Able to operate across the clock, on the other hand, it’s programmable, and we can explore more potential applications by building smart contracts. ”