BTC continues to rise, will it break through $6,000?

“Unable to grab the share”, “only grab a bit of share”, the snapping speed has become the biggest problem facing all IEO investors after the hot IEO. At the same time, many IEOs have been taken away by professional institutions. For example, the IEO of the new currency is drawn according to the quota of holding BNB, so that the rich people can steal it, which is increasingly unfair to the white investors.

Yesterday, in the snap-up of MTV launched by KuCoin, nearly 100 small white investors grabbed a full share of 600,000. They snapped up through the “quick snap” feature of the BiUP platform, which was 10 seconds faster than a normal entry investor. Therefore, many people not only grabbed the share of MTV, but also grabbed a full share of 600,000.

Dapp data report: transaction flow reached 3.6 billion US dollars

From the perspective of the number of users, although EOS and TRON seem to have more than 50,000 daily users, there are a large number of wool and brush accounts. In the second part of the data report, we use some dimension filtering to restore real users. Volume, DappReview believes that “after filtering according to the daily transaction amount as a threshold, it can more realistically reflect the actual number of active users in each chain.” Under this rule, the daily users of each chain are between 3000 and 6000.

Justin Bieber Sings on Instagram Live With Wife Hailey

Justin Bieber is having some fun with music!

Over the weekend, the pop star and his wife, Hailey Bieber, went on Instagram Live to give fans an update on their various projects. At one point, the two adorably broke out in song, with Justin taking the lead and Hailey joining in on the chorus to a song about his pal and musical director, Dan Kanter.

“Dan Kanter, we wrote this song for you,” Justin croons, while Hailey gives him a beat by tapping on the desk and clapping her hands. “We hope you like it, we really do.”

The Cheesecake Factory Is Giving Away Free Food On April 1, 2019 – No Joke

The Cheesecake Factory is partnering with DoorDash to give away $250,000 worth of free food on April 1, 2019. But first, let’s address the elephant in the room, this is no April Fool’s Day joke.

Starting at 4:00 p.m. EDT (1:00 p.m. PDT) on Monday, April 1, 2019, the first 10,000 DoorDash fans who claim a reward on The Cheesecake Factory Promo Page will receive $25 to use on a Cheesecake Factory delivery order any day that week.